True luxury should last forever

Refillable, KILIAN PARIS perfumes are objects designed to last. Discover our founder's vision of timeless luxury.

A favorite perfume is bought only once and refilled for life

Kilian Hennessy established a practice in tune with our times: a favorite perfume is bought only once and refilled for life. “To me, a true luxury product must have, in its DNA, the capacity to be transmitted from generation to generation. True luxury should last forever!”

With sustainability in mind, insisting on well-crafted design with timeless style, a KILIAN Paris flacon is perpetually refillable, making it an everlasting collector’s piece. Styled after elegant, sophisticated barware they are beautiful, scented objects of desire to last a lifetime. To the brand’s Founder, the words ‘disposable’ and ‘luxury’ are incommensurate. Luxury should live with us and go beyond us, like an object our great-grandchildren might find and cherish as part of their heritage. 

While less waste and a lighter carbon imprint are the result of doing things a little bit differently from the start, KILIAN Paris understands that the gesture is small relative to what remains to be done and the future evolutions of the beauty industry in view. Sustainability, especially in the context of KILIAN Paris’s unique approach to packaging already in place, is an area where the brand seeks constant self-revision and improvement.

A KILIAN Paris perfume addiction is declared once, and refillable always, making the brand an “eco-luxury” native, a small but significant gesture in leading luxury back to its lasting nature.